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The tweet that caused all the trouble

30 Dec

Perhaps it is because I awoke to a rather emotional but unnecessary altercation, but I was left disturbed by a tweet that passed acrosss my TL by @ntsikimazwai

‘Hello ladies: I wonder who is gonna get raped today?’

Anyway as per the nature of my Twitstream, much discussion ensued. This is not an attack, just a reflection on my thoughts.

My mind flashed red, red, red – ‘Casualisation’

I remembered a scene from a TV show I saw back in the day. It was  set in a township somewhere between here and nowhere.

Three young Black males were sitting smoking, playing cards  when one said ‘I am bored. Let’s go get get a girl’. They all smiled and silently moved out got a girl and proceeded to rape her, dumped her and continued ‘sitting, smoking, playing cards, and so forth.’

There was something about the tweet, that brought that back, visions of people sitting around having crumpets, and asking ever so by the way ‘Who is gonna get raped today? Tea?’

On further reflection, it was also more personal. The memory of my own incident of child sex abuse.  I hesitate to define it even more clearly that, even though it is almost 3 decades later.

What I remember most was the complete casualness with which it was done. Like it was…. just ordinary and yet three decades later the shame, the self-loathing, self-questioning can still arise and cause a faded, fragmented replay of the event.

Anyway that is why the Tweet disturbed me, because to many perpetrators, it really is that casual. The only reaction that tweet statement would cause them is ‘Hehe!’