“Structural racism is a thing hey” (Unathi Voice) #HomoNaledi

16 Sep

This is a summary of my mentions when I questioned Homo Naledi team composition. While I cannot accuse the department of overt racism, many of the justifications in my mentions like from @LemonsRsweeter were racist or drew from a racist narrative.
The real danger of this colourblind racism is that it reinforces the unconscious biases of whiteness and white supremacy.

Thabo: this is odd. The Homo Naledi team seems to be rather homogenous


Answer: We must not look for racism everywhere. Move along.image


But wait, this exclusion of Blacks with the corresponding overrepresentation of Whites, is that not the much talked about structural unearned advantage called ‘white privilege’. This rat smells.

This Black exclusion and white overrepresentation repeats itself over and over in South African institutions. In media, in corporates. In Academia.

This rat…….



But Thabo, there are just no Black students in Berger’s paleontology sub-speciality. They are all in other fossil loving groups.

But Thabo, wait. You know he crowdsourced this on Facebook. It looks like his Facebook contacts are overwhelmingly white. You know he is colourblind. He just does not realise that he only sees white. He is not racist

But Thabo, the spec required thin people. Maybe ….

But Thabo, Black people have big booties, ..

But Thabo, we all know that due to white supremacy there are no POC scientists. We must focus on education.

but Thabo, it was volunteer work, no pay. Lol! good luck finding a POC to do anything without pay/

No! No! Look away. Here is peg. Shut your nose! Nothing to smell here. “


Hmm! still all smells like structural racism. Exclusion via practice of the white ideology of colourblindness.

Can we ask how a university committed to transformation, just does not do things resembling transformation?

Can we ask when this shit of Black exclusion will end?

And no, please let’s not ask the legion of foot soldiers for white hegemony.

Let’s ask that smooth Habib dude


Answer: You just don’t like white people,Thabo. You’re racist.

Thabo:trods off chanting ‘Mapaputsi ‘Izinja’


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