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True Freedom

12 Jun

I have come to define true freedom as the ability to rise above one’s biases (unconscious), interests (rational choices – cconscious and unconconscious), identities (social norms, narratives) to act, speak in a manner that grows, strengthens common good.

I was going to say Commons, but that word has been overrun by the snake oil salesmen of the sharing economy. For whom to borrow from Zygmut Bauman – the Commons is yet another virgin field for capitalism to despoil .

The common good needs placing above the overriding me-me-me of the cult of positivity that is the Western individual. The common good also needs defining beyond ubuntu – ‘motho ke motho ka batho ba bang’ – a person is a person through others.

It means not hiding behind intent when called out for racism, sexism, class or any other form of systemic domination.

It means being committed to an unlearning of the master narratives of what bell hooks terms ‘White supremacist capitalist patriarchy’.

I add ableist to that definition because ableism is a core Western narrative embedded in its philosophy and everyday discourses.

In many ways it means decolonizing the mind.

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