White Identity Politics stink

30 Nov

The role of identity in arguments is not something that we often confront . The very structure of rational argument is meant to portray a certain objectiveness that is distinct from the individual.

The argument, however, is constructed by an individual and it is important to ask “whose rationality?’

This point is brought home to me, when I try to dissect arguments of White Liberals, what they often overlook is the centrality of their social identity, their Whiteness to their arguments.

A case in point is @mynameisjerm blog where he says ‘we should worry less about racism and more about discrimination’ http://jerm.co.za/some-thoughts-on-racism/

I will add the twitter discussion on another day

The argument relies on defining ‘racism’ mainly as belief and distinct from action. Discrimination is the action.

Given the liberal notion of the sanctity of the self, it becomes clear that since racism is nothing more than a personal belief it is ok and should not be counteracted.

Discrimination, as a purposeful action based on race , is therefore unacceptable. BEE becomes immoral and unacceptable whilst racism being a product of the mind is protected.

So for the racist person, as long as intention cannot be proven, it is not discrimination. If intention can be proven, you are an idiot and deserve punishment . Hidden Implication: Unintended outcomes of unconscious racism and structural inequality are irrelevant . Note that these rarely affect Whites.

BEE and Affirmative Action are clearly based on race and are intentional so by this line of argument they are unacceptable.

The primary difference is that BEE and Affirmative action are felt by Whites and therefore relevant.

The argument Is an exercise in White Identity Politics under the cover of non-racialism and rationality.

It stinks.


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